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Re-watch the webinar

This year, we proudly hosted RFSS – our digital edition of the Responsible Fashion Series Skopje. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended and participated in what proved to be a very insightful and memorable Webinar. More than 30 WB and European craft, fashion designers and artisans united for the first time in Skopje for Responsible Fashion Series Webinar, on the invitation of the and @fashionweekendskopje . This reflection moment between professionals was not only an opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges of craft and fashion sectors in the region, but also a unique moment to reflect on the position of independent youth, artisans and designers in the future.

The Responsible Fashion Series Skopje emanates from the Fashion Colloquia collection of events, founded by four institutions: London College of Fashion, Parsons school of Fashion and Design in New York, IFM, Paris and Domus from Milan. Ian King is the thought leader behind the organisation of Fashion Colloquia events across various destinations on the planet in the last decade. What made professor Ian King choose the Balkans as his next Responsible Fashion Series Skopje destination? What is something fascinating or surprising about Balkan fashion that he has discovered? RFSS will discuss and reflect on the critical theme of ‘value’ in crafts and fashion, education, careers for the youth, and, more widely, for the future of the fashion and crafts industry in the Balkans.

Re-watch the webinar ✔️✔️✔️



Digital partner of the project is the telecommunication operator A1.