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Background Responsible Fashion Series


The Responsible Fashion Series Skopje emanates from the Fashion Colloquia collection of events, founded by four institutions: London College of Fashion, Parsons school of Fashion and Design in New York, IFM, Paris and Domus from Milan. Ian King is the thought leader behind the organisation of Fashion Colloquia events across various destinations on the planet for the last decade.

What made professor Ian King choose the Balkans as his next Responsible Fashion Series Skopje destination? What is something fascinating or surprising about Balkan fashion that he has discovered?

RFSS will discuss and reflect on the critical theme of ‘value’ in crafts and fashion, education, careers for youth, and, more widely, for the future of the fashion and crafts industry in the Balkans.

The event is scheduled to be held on 05 and 06 May 2021.


Previous Fashion Colloquia addressed a variety of topics, including:

  • Heritage (Jaipur, January 2020),
  • Disruption Fashion (Rome, September 2019),
  • New Luxury (Arnhem, May 2018),
  • Local production (Ho Chi Min, July 2016);
  • Sustainable development in social, economic, environmental, cultural and geographic dimensions (Sao Paulo, April 2016);
  • The future of the fashion weeks (Milan, September 2015).



2-Day Webinar Session.
The digital stage with a panel of international speakers. The main theme: LOOKING AT NEW VALUES FOR THE FUTURE OF CRAFTS AND FASHION IN THE BALKAN REGION.
The technology facilities to host the event: Microsoft Teams platform, live streaming with moderator, podcasts, 3D Viewing Rooms (presentation of Balkan crafts), videos.


Conference organizer

Fashion Weekend Skopje, in collaboration with Macedonian Fashion Association




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